2019 International Rally

Brothers our very own State KonB Florida President with his wife traveled to this years 2019 International Rally in Michigan. The State of Florida was very well represented with the following KonB Brothers in attendance:

  • Stephen Bell, President – State of Florida, Diocese of St. Augustine

  • Andy Milot, Regional Vice President, Diocese of St. Petersburg

  • Jim Delaney, Diocese of Orlando

  • Bear Woznick, Diocese of Orlando

  • Pat Gervais, Diocese of Orlando

  • Lance Maki, Diocese of Orlando

  • Brent Labreche, Diocese of Venice

Some of us trailer-ed up and others rode the whole long way from Florida.  My wife Maryellen and I trailer ed up and arrived early on Monday.  Many KonBs were already present and the Michigan guys did an excellent job with the entire event.  For registration, logistics, hotel selection food, ride planning an more they made it a premiere event.  It was great to meet so many KonBs from all across the United States and Canada.  Our founder Ray Medina and Michael Savage we there and I was able to spend some time with them.


Wednesday was the first scheduled ride of the Rally.  Our objective was to ride to Hell and back.  Literally, we rode about an hour from our hotel to Hell, Michigan.  It is a neat little place and we spent about an hour or so there with a Bike Blessing from Father Jim Heyd from Chicago, souvenir shopping, refreshments (I hear that the ice cream was great) and more story swapping.  I did not count, but I was told we had over 100 bikes on the ride.  When it was time to mount up and head to our next stop, there was only one bike that failed to start, mine.  Murphy’s Law I guess, but many KonBs offered to stay with me.  I waived them off as I had Harley Roadside assistance.  The story is much longer than I have room for here (ask me later, as the ending is a big surprise) but suffice it to say that eventually I got my bike started and Maryellen and I mapped out a route for Capitol City Harley, our next stop.  Not having GPS on my bike, Maryellen took great delight in playing Navigational Assistant.  We ended up beating the pack to Capitol City where the folks there provided a great lunch for all of us.


Our brother Bear Woznick was there with his wife and film crew documenting the entire event for his EWTN show, “The Long Ride Home”.  He worked his butt off trying to cover every aspect of the event.  He is very personable and easy to talk and could not have been more gracious to all of us.  Look for more of what is up to at https://deepadventureministries.com/.


Dinner that evening was compliments of the Michigan KonB and their brand of BBQ was mighty tasty.  The wives joined us for dinner and to listen to several speakers.  Our own Lance Maki was one of the speakers that evening, and he was very inspirational.  After the speakers the wives had their own program and we stayed put for our business meeting.  For those of you familiar with a normal Knights of Columbus business meeting, this was pretty much “par for the course”.  There were some moments when everyone was rallying around an idea and others when you were just rolling your eyes.  All in all, it was a productive business meeting. I will send out a more formal summary once I receive the revised bylaws from the meeting.

The next day was the last day of the rally and there was a ride to the cathedral for Mass and pictures to follow at the university.  Due to previously mentioned mechanical difficulties, I did not make this ride and loaded up the bike for the two-day trip back to Florida.  I understand from others, that this was a special event and one to remember.   Andy and a few others stuck around after the official rally to take some post rally rides with the group.  I will post the pictures that I have from the event in Facebook as there are too many to attach to this summary.


The next Biennial rally will be held in New Orleans in May of 2021.  Put a placeholder on your calendar NOW as you do not want to miss this one!!

Summary of Events 

Brothers will go to HELL and back to attend a KonB Rally!!

Great attendance and fellowship!